Sundans Prayer Focus: October 7 – 9, 2014

Set aside some time to PRAY, wherever you are. Join the church in the Sudans for this Sudans Prayer Focus.


Every year during October, PRAYER for the Sudans is highlighted at the SSNet (Sudan Support Netowrk). This eayr is no exception. We remember so well the International Day of Prayer for Sudan on October 2, 1999. A prayer team was in Port Sudan on that day. For this year Sudan’s prayer summit will be October 7-9 also at Port Sudan. Only difference is that this year it will be exclusively local Sudanese believers raising the banner for prayer. May God bless you for that. Let’s rally around them in this very challenging time in the history of the Sudans. The lives of a multitude is at stake, even for the sake of eternity.

The war in South Sudan has been declared EVIL AND IMMORAL. This lion needs to be slain. Stand in the gap for South Sudan and Sudan during October 7-9. man with head down

Key Prayer focuses for the 2014 Sudans Prayer Focus

Focus on God:

leaders in prayer together

His kingdom, glory, plans and purposes for the Sudans. Scriptures that may help: Isaiah 9: 2 – 7 and Psalm 2

Prayer for leaders:

Right now many evil plans of leaders are revealed

PRAY FOR MUSLIMS on October 2-4 during the Hajj

This is a call for Christians to pray during October 2-4. The Hajj, one of the five pillars of the Islamic religion, begins on the 8th day of the 12th month of Dhul Hijjah of the Islamic calendar. Because the calendar is based on the moon’s cycle, the Hajj begins nine days earlier each consecutive year. In 2014, the Hajj will start on October 2 and last for 3-4 days. During this time, Muslims from all over the world will flock to Mecca to perform the rituals and follow the steps of Muhammad, their prophet.


OCTOBER: News from the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan

Moderator Rt. Rev. Peter Gai and General Secretary Rev. John Yor are on a lengthy ministry of trying to visit congregations and presbyteries throughout South Sudan. The object is to encourage the pastors and congregants to keep faith during the dark period of horrible conflict and to seek prayers for peace. We in Trinity South Sudan Ministry admire this effort and report to you that it is typical. During the early phases of the civil war, Rev. Peter literally stood in the door of the church compound in Malakal and through the power of Christian persuasion prevented both government and opposition forces from invading the compound and killing those who sought refuge there.

Trinity’s Sudan Ministry team seeks to financially support these visits and awaits only a specific request so that we can both comply with U.S. law and assure good stewardship of the funds which you provide.

Please pray that God will provide wisdom, protection and endurance to these church leaders as in true servant fashion they encourage the existing church and spread the good news of Christ among many “half” believers.