Church Leaders Gather to Fast and Pray

A large assembly of South Sudanese Christians including leaders of ten of their denominations gathered in Juba on March 15 for fasting and prayer in response to the violence that has rocked the African nation since mid-December.

Acknowledging their dependence upon God’s care, the leaders denounced the senseless looting and killing carried out by warring factions following fighting that erupted on a military base in Juba on December 16. Those gathered asked for forgiveness of sins and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Church and the nation.

Church leaders also called for counseling for individuals, families, churches, and communities toward the healing of relationships and the rebuilding of communities, according to Leisa Wagstaff, a PC(USA) mission Co-Worker who attended the service.

In a statement released following the gathering, the ten Upper Nile State church leaders appealed “to the citizens of South Sudan to live as brothers and sisters who are placed by God to live in peace in this country. We are calling upon our people to accept one another, and live in peace for the betterment of this nation that God has given to us,” they wrote.