Update from the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan

Situation Update from the Executive Secretary of our partner
The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan

April 22, 2015

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ’s service.

Greetings from PCOSS while in Kenya.

I would be very much grateful to inform you about the situation in Malakal.  Fighting occurred yesterday in Malakal.

Since two weeks back there was tension between two tribes in the area –
Dinka and Collo (Shilluk) – that forced civilians to escape the town.

In the town remained armed people of Nuer, Dinka and Collo tribes. While fighting was from very far from the town, there was tension in the town that led to fighting yesterday and continuing.  Those who are fighting now are civilians from Collo and Dinka tribes, who were armed by the government.

There is no Government in South Sudan who will save the lives of people.  That is why there is fighting from time to time. The Government, under  President Kiir gave lands of others to his tribe.*

Please continue to pray for South Sudan so God will provide the leaders who will save the people.  You need to give UN mandate so that they can carry out responsibility for peace

Reverend John Yor Nyiker
General Secretary

Note: The Nuer, Collo (Shilluk), and Dinka people all live in Malkal and the surroundings.  Historically the area was occupied by Collo and Nuer.  Among the Collo especially there is great resentment to the movement of Dinka into the area.  Because land ownership is largely deemed to be that of the ethnic group which lives in the area and because the people are very close to the land, this is a significant issue.