Situation Update from April 23, 2015

Update from the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan

Situation Update from the Executive Secretary of our partner,  The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan

April 23, 2015

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

We seek your continued prayers for South Sudan

I made a phone called to Malakal and Juba this afternoon at 1:30 PM.  The report was the Shilluk forces have captured of the Town of Malakal forcing the SPLA -mostly Nuer and Dinka – in the Town to run out from town and back to reattack at 11:00 AM this morning with reinforcement by Dinka SPLA from Melut and Paloj. 

Still Shilluk forces repelled them with many causalities from both sides.  Even some of my relatives have been reported dead.  Fighting stop at 5:00 PM due to darkness; we are not sure at what time it will start tomorrow.

The town still under control of Shilluk forces.  People thought that this is tribal fighting, but it involved the Government forces.

All these fighting is just losing of lives of poor youth from both sides, but the leaders do not care about the lives of their people in South Sudan.  I think UN
need to come in to fully protection of civilians or South Sudan.

More than sixty of the Dinka forces run to UNMISS Camp in Malakal last night for their lives.

I am still appealing that report can be reached to UN by Presbyterian Church (USA) Representative in UN.  South Sudan needs to be rescued from these irresponsible leaders of Government, detainees and opposition.  All are the similar people – one party that divided into three groups – that is the group who fail the Nation.  It is not internal or minor opposition in Assembly.

All manner of crimes had been committed by both.  Examples are: killing civilians, raping, and slavery have been practiced.  Many children, especially young girls,
are still missing up to now.

These are all charges UN can use against such leaders to step down or sanction for travel and freezing their account outside the Nation.

Please continue to Advocate and pray for South Sudan.

Reverend John Yor Nyiker
General Secretary