IRC: “Disease & Starvation Ahead”

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is raising the specter of mass starvation and disease in the wake of the violence in South Sudan. In less than five months thousands have been killed and over one million persons have been displaced as a result of ethnic rivalries concentrated in fighting between the armies of Dinka and Nuer.

(For the full IRC report see this link: .)

The fighting that broke out on December 15 put an end to three years of peace that followed South Sudan’s vote to separate from Sudan and resulted in self-government and independence.

The IRC is alarmed at the number of diseases breaking out in the refugee camps that are under-equipped with potable water and food.  Moreover, the planting season for South Sudanese farmers has arrived and so many people are displaced that crops are not being planted. The United Nations estimates that 3.7 million people are faced with starvation according to IRC reports.

The online IRC report (linked above) includes pictures and videos of refugee camps and assessments of the situation as well as an urgent call for humanitarian relief. Trinity South Sudan Ministry highly recommends this report.