Deteriorating Situation in South Sudan

JUBA, 26th May 2015
South Sudanese Church leaders note with concern the deteriorating situation in our beloved nation
at this time, Both SSCC and individual churches have made many statements calling for an end to
this senseless conflict, the first one on 17th December 2013, just two days after the crisis began.
There is no moral justification for the killing to continue. It is unacceptable for negotiations about
power and positions to take place in luxury hotels while people are still killing and being killed.
Many agreements have been signed, but none have been implemented.
However our words have not been heeded. We challenge the military and political leaders of all
sides, most of whom call themselves Christians: wry are you not listening to the voice of your
Church leaders, who echo the voice of the ordinary citizens of South Sudan?
We seriously doubt whether this new statement will be  heeded by our leaders, but nevertheless
we want them, along with the citizens of South Sudan and ‘our friends in the region and the
international community, to know that we are watching and w~ are aware of what is happening. It
is important for us to speak truth to power, even if those in power ignore the truth,

• There has been an upsurge of fighting between the government and opposition in many
parts of the country recently, despite the many cessation of hostilities agreements which
they have signed.
• The economic situation in the country is deteriorating very rapidly, leading to hardship for
the ordinary citizens.
• National assets are being destroyed. The oil fields do not belong either to the government
or the opposition; they belong to the people. Any party which is sincere in its desire to
govern South Sudan for the good of the people should be protecting these important
national assets, not destroying them.
• Human rights are being abused at every level, both on the battlefield and in peaceful
areas. People are being killed, raped and tortured. Children are being recruited into armed
groups. Looting is endemic. People are being arrested for no reason. Security organs
appear to be acting as if they are above the law. The space for citizens and civil society to
speak out appears to be narrowing.
• The humanitarian situation is deteriorating. Once again our rich and fertile land which
should be the bread basket of Africa is relying on foreign aid.
• Separate from the main conflict between government and opposition, we see an increasing
militarization of society, with new armed groups springing up and with an increase in
conflicts between and within local communities.
• All of this leads us to conclude that much of the country is without effective governance.
Many individuals, groups and even government organs thus feel they must take the law into their own hands, with disastrous consequences for everybody. – mobile phone: +211 912493 973, +2
South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) wishes to serve notice that the churches will not sit idle.
If our statements are not heeded, we will take more proactive steps to try to achieve peace and
reconciliation for the people of South Sudan. Any long term solution to the conflict must take
account of the needs of the ordinary people, not the agenda of the political and military elite.

Rt. Rev. Peter Gai Lual MARROW
South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC), JUBA.

Archbishop Paolino Lukudu LORO
Metropolitan Archblshop of JUBA
Catholic Church.
Archbishop Da/l@l Deng BUL
Archbishop and Primate

General Overseer
Sudan Pentecosta
Rt. Rev. Dr. Archanq
Presiding Bishop
African Inland Church (AIC), JUBA.
Moderator) :Church of South Sudan (PECoSS), JUBA.
Presbyterian Church of South
General Secretary
South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC)