CASS Encourages South Sudan’s Leaders in Peace Agreement

Reuben Garang,
Aluel Mayen,
CASS Encourages South Sudan’s Leaders to Conduct a Joint Unity Rally
Leaders Invited to UN General Assembly are Urged to Embody the Compromised Peace Agreement
NEW YORK, NY – October 2, 2015 – CASS strongly urges the three South Sudanese political leaders (Current Vice President Igga, Designated Vice President Machar and SPLM Gen Secretary Amum) to hold a joint peace rally before leaving the U.S.  The rally will bring together South Sudanese Diaspora from different ethnic groups and political views, and it will raise peoples’ hopes, build confidence and increase trust that the peace agreement will be respected and implemented in good faith. The rally will serve as a message to the world that South Sudanese leaders are committed to implementing the peace deal.  In addition, the rally will provide the leaders with the opportunity to share with the Diaspora how they can best support peace and development in South Sudan.
Over the past few months, a remarkable transformation has begun among the North American South Sudanese Diaspora as they have come together to rise above ethnic and political differences and grievances to seek an end to violence and a rebirth of South Sudan as it earlier was conceived.
In late July, the Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan (GaPPSS) brought together over 40 South Sudanese community leaders and friends of South Sudan for a training and collaboration workshop focused on “Building Trust and Doing Good.”  This event in Boston helped lay the groundwork for future and ongoing gatherings.
In late August, The Lual Deng Foundation organized South Sudan Unite, an event in Washington, DC that combined an evening of cultural celebration with a peace-building workshop aimed at mobilizing South Sudan’s youth for unity and peace.  In announcing these events, Deng said, “This is very important to me, because the time is now to focus on our oneness and identity as a people, rather than our differences.”
In mid-September, the Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan (CASS) conducted a conference in Des Moines, IA bringing about 300 South Sudanese of different ethnic, political and religious backgrounds together for a conference focused on “Unity for Peace.”  The group developed a shared vision for South Sudan and agreed to work together for peace.
At each of these events, South Sudan Women United (SSWU) provided The Book of Forgiving by Desmond and Mpho Tutu as a tool to support the healing and reconciliation process.  Over 2,000 copies of the book have been delivered to South Sudan and the Diaspora since May 2015.
In conjunction with UN General Assembly, an effort was made to bring together the visiting South Sudan leaders to encourage and support unity and peace in South Sudan.  The proposed rally is an important extension of this effort.  The visit to the U.S. provides a unique opportunity for the leaders to galvanize peace here and at home.

Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan, a coalition of over 20 South Sudanese civil society organizations, seeks to establish a just and lasting peace in South Sudan.