New Year’s Greetings

“Greetings from General Secretary in Khartoum Happy new year greetings and Merry Christmas. We celebrated Christmas this year in South Sudan and Sudan and other areas in peace that is the will of God and through prayers which was asked by South Sudan Council of churches that this year.  People must to pray without war like all others years since 2010 where there was continued war in Jonglei State. Thanks be to God for his listening to prayers. Reverend John Yor Nyiker General Secretary PCOSS

Trinity Support at Work

This is just one example of how your donations are turned into support for those in need in South Sudan. Dear Trinity South Sudan Ministry Team and Supporters Greetings from PCOSS Thanks for your stand always with us in hard time through your prayers and support I am very glad to inform you that your prayers and support make us strong and able to show that we are really leaders who care for the flock of God. With a little we had we care for the families of late pastors who lost their lives through this terrible war which is […]

Girl Child Education

Girl Child Education:  Those of us who attended the Sudan Mission Network Meeting in early October 2014 were deeply touched by this video, which allows us to hear girls advocating in their own voices for their right to an education. The video is about 6 minutes long. If you notice, the video is from 2010 and was produced by Rev. Shelvis Smith-Mather, a PC(USA) mission co-worker now serving with RECONCILE in Yei, South Sudan.  Across has been one of our partners in South Sudan for many years. They are also one of our partners, with the Presbyterian Church of South […]

Crisis in South Sudan

Crisis in South Sudan

Crisis-hit South Sudan mother’s plea: ‘Please help us – our children are starving’ • Oct 04, 2014 19:05 • By Peter Lane The world’s newest nation is facing a humanitarian crisis and aid agencies warn it could become a ‘catastrophe’ within months if nothing is done to help 5 News / Kathleen Prior / Save the Children Please help: South Sudan in crisis Nyakuony Ryadhel is praying for the lives of her three children – all gravely ill with severe malnutrition, writes Peter Lane for 5 News in South Sudan. They lie pitifully side by side at a clinic in South Sudan, […]

Sudans Prayer Focus for October 7-9, 2014

Set aside time to PRAY, wherever you are. Join the church in the Sudans for this Sudans Prayer Focus. Introduction Every year during the month of October, PRAYER for the Sudans is highlighted at the SSNet (Sudan Support Network). This year is no different. We remember so well the International day of Prayer on October 2, 1999. A prayer team was in Port Sudan on that day. For this year Sudan’s prayer summitis from October 7-9, the prayer hub will again be in Port Sudan. Only difference this yea is it will be exclusively local Sudanese believers raising the banner […]

Peace Agreement Appears Tenuous

South Sudan’s top U.N. aid official on Saturday, May 10, had hailed a new peace deal and called for food aid to flow to counter the risk of mass hunger only hours before renewed fighting was reported. London’s Daily Telegraph reported that Toby Lanzer, the U.N. aid official in South Sudan said on Twitter on Saturday. “Calling on both parties to facilitate deliveries of emergency relief to people in need now: open roads for truck convoys & rivers for barges.” The truce signed by President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar late Friday in neighboring Ethiopia had called […]

IRC: “Disease & Starvation Ahead”

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is raising the specter of mass starvation and disease in the wake of the violence in South Sudan. In less than five months thousands have been killed and over one million persons have been displaced as a result of ethnic rivalries concentrated in fighting between the armies of Dinka and Nuer. (For the full IRC report see this link: .) The fighting that broke out on December 15 put an end to three years of peace that followed South Sudan’s vote to separate from Sudan and resulted in self-government and independence. The IRC is […]

Member of Congress Calls for Respected Envoys

Faced with pictures and accounts of the atrocities committed against the people of South Sudan by the warring factions there, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) is calling upon President Obama to send former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to that country to help broker peace. Wolf presented his request at a press conference on Capitol Hill on April 30 after meeting with an expert from the region. “Today, I stand before you as concerned as I have ever been about the state of affairs in South Sudan and the potential for the recent violence to spiral into genocide – […]

Continued Violence Threatens South Sudan

Revenge resulting in retaliatory killings continue to mount in South Sudan as violence that is tribal based threatens to spiral the country from chaos to calamity. On April 14-15 hundreds of unarmed citizens were slaughtered in Bentiu. Many of the victims were taking refuge there from the region of Darfur in Sudan – an area that has suffered the wrath of Sudan President Omar al Bashi for several years and raises the specter of genocide in the thinking of many observers. It is widely reported that the forces carrying out the attack in Bentiu were those loyal to former South Sudan […]

Members of Congress Urge Kerry to Act

The Co-Chairs of the Congressional Caucus On Sudan and Sudan have called upon Secretary of State John Kerry to commit US resources toward a “sustainable solution” and “lasting reconciliation” to attain peace and security in South Sudan. The joint leadership of Barbara Lee (CA), Michael McCaul (TX), Michael Capuano (MA), and Frank Wolf (VA) was joined on March 20 by fifty other Members of Congress in the call for “sustained high-level engagement…to broker a durable peace” in the the newly formed nation that has experienced violent upheaval since mid-December. Citing the need to support January’s Comprhensive Peace Agreement crafted in […]