Dr Warzecki Missionary Nancy leads women in prayer test caption Joyful children at play in Pibor, Jonglei State


Welcome to the TSSM website!

For nearly three decades Trinity South Sudan Ministry has provided education and health initiatives to the people of South Sudan that simultaneously promote relief and development. Projects such as well-drilling, foot operated sewing machines, manual grain mills, and agricultural education have increased the productiveness of the traditional economies of the country. Medical teams have provided much needed primary care and upgraded ongoing clinic operations. Most recently TSSM has focused its efforts on peace making and reconciliation among the various ethnic groups that have suffered from decades of internal violence and exploitation.

The TSSM website seeks to provide current information on the triumphs and struggles of the people of South Sudan as well as efforts to promote sustainable development of peace and security. We welcome you to this effort and encourage your participation in the expansion of peace and prosperity in this nascent nation.